30 August, 2009

I'll stop the world and melt with you...

Ah. Love this song. For some reason it feels comforting right now. Damn I need to clean my room. It has gotten so bad. It's not just messy, it's dirty. I really spend minimal time in it besides sleeping. Currently, sadly, I am in my room right now but that is just because my computer needs it's charger.

I just feel bored and uninspired with it and whenever I feel that way about anything I ignore it. And do nothing about it. Even if I picked/cleaned it up I have gotten in the habit of spending my time else wear. I am just terrified of all the shit I need to pack up when I go to college because my parents are moving when I do which means all my crap either needs to go in my dorm or dissapear. No bloody clue how that is going to happen. None what so ever.

Blergh. I miss my people. I cannot wait for school to start, planning my first outfit haha. I feel like it's the first day of kindergarden again. Not exactly. Wish my mumsy would let me borrow her Guesto bag but thats a chance about as slim as me cleaning my room.

Did I mention spiders are inhabiting it? I am terrified of spiders of all odd things so that is another odd reason I wont clean in case I happen upon one even if it was clean they would be fairly discouraged from being my roomies.

Oh well tata. I'm going to go play in my mother's purses and watch Mad Men (gotten addicted to yet another TV show. Bad ariel pft..)


23 July, 2009

Lalala I should be sleeping...

So it turns out the pictures I posted hadn't been fixed long enough combined with a shitty scanner is why they looked subpar. I have better prints of most of those. Plus the filters on my enlarger were being a little shit so basically 90% of my prints are better plus I did some 8x10s of a later roll I shot with Kat modeling. It turned out scrumptious and I would have loved having more time/paper to work with those negatives. I am giving her one of the 5x7s framed but I want to keep all the yummy 8x10s for myself. I am planning on putting them in our house in WA since it is really art deprived.

Tomorrow I am going shopping at Nordie's to pick up some tights and basic fall stuff. I need new shoes, found the perfect pair. Still convincing mother to but them.

Heart hug.


16 July, 2009

Moment of epicnesss!!

I GOT TO PRINT ON 8x10s!! AHHHHH! *dies* I shalt scan them tomorrow when I get them back.


14 July, 2009


My Photos:

Photography class :D

So started my photography class monday which has put me in an excellent mood. I love my OM-1 so much. I dont think I could live without it. Plus the lens is just yummy. I may scan in some of my prints later I'd like to put them on flickr.

My enlarger is my newest luvvy. So we only have 7 people in the class including me and I think I am one of 2 people to have ever used anything but a digital point and shoot before and the only one to have developed film. Ahh I am sooo glad my negatives have come out so far. I would die with how much I love some of my shots I've taken if I fucked it up. I am also uber paranoid about the water when you mix the developer being 68 F. Which is really annoying because it take FOREVER to get it just right. I coaxed my neighbor to come over and model for me tonight and I think I got some great shots out of that. I used three candles for extra light since it was around 9 PM and getting dark. She is a kind of annoying model but hell, it's better than photographing homeless people which was my alternative xD

But yeah. I am uber psyched to see how this roll comes out. I have two rolls to develop tomorrow and the one I did today should be dry so I can work on some prints from there.

Back to the enlarger. ahhh... It is amazing. Even the teacher has issues with it but not I. I embrased it's wonkyness and the annoying fact that the filters are built in but at least it has it's lens which some of them are missing *EEEK*

Well I am going to try and scan my photos now. Maybe that'll work xD. Probably not. Oh well.

BTW. I think I am going to ask for a flash and a tripod for surviving french class... Or at least a tripod. I would love to have one.

OH! And I need to bribe another friend into modeling. I think I'd better bake a cake...

Tata. I'll post the scans in a mo.


12 July, 2009

C'est DOOOM!

NOOOOO! LONGCHAMP SOLD OUT! OF MY DREAM BAG. *dies* This is not possible. 2-3 days ago they had my lover the légende in patent red droolsworthy bowling bag shaped masterpiece. It's gone. They still have the 4x4 which I love but it's 845 and the légende had been marked down to 450 (crazy shit I know) and I just checked and it's gone. I am dead now.

So french final is tomorrow/today in 5 minutes and photography class starts tomorrow so I gotta pack up my Oly and tally ho. I am all to excited. I am also extremely curious as to what kinds of cameras people will be showing up with in class. I am quite proud of my OM-1n. It stands out in the crowd and I think the lady who lives in the house across the street from my bus stop and is always watching me setting there loading film waiting for my bus to lumber it's whale sized ass down the road thinks it's going to shoot missiles at her. It looks like it could. Hey, at least it isn't a Hasselblad. For the price of those it should be able to shoot missiles. *grumbles about overly expensive incredibly yummy hassies*

So. About the french exam. No way I am getting an A. B is good, be would be fine by me. For a 15 year old in a college french class I think a B is rockin. But if I get an A I am in much better standings to whine about my lack of shoes. (pfft. 15 pairs totally isn't enough. Although I only really wear 10 of them) IF I get an A (NEVER HAPPENING).

So yes. I am going to go curl up in the fetal posission from my loss of my lover.